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If an LDAP client requests information that your Microsoft Exchange Server computer doesn't have, you can configure your server to refer the client to another server that can fulfill the request. For example, if a client searches on server A for the telephone number for John Baker, but John Baker is in another organization, server A tells the client to request the information from a server in John Baker's organization. You can use the Referrals property page to specify the server outside of your organization that an LDAP client connects to for information.

Note   Clients can only be referred to servers outside the local Microsoft Exchange Server organization.

Getting to the Referrals property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose a site or server, and then choose Protocols.
  2. Double-click LDAP (Directory) Site Defaults to configure site LDAP defaults, or LDAP (Directory) Settings to configure a server's LDAP settings.
  3. Select the Referrals tab.

Adding a Referral

You can specify a server that is used to provide information that a client requests.

  1. Select the Referrals tab.
  2. Choose New.

Option Description
Server Name The Domain Name System (DNS) name of the server that is used for the referral, for example, server.fab.com.
Directory Name The base directory name (specified in RFC 1779 format) that is used to generate a referral, for example, ou=exchange,o=fab,c=us.
Port The port number used to connect to the other server.
Connect over SSL Specifies whether the connection to the other server occurs using an SSL port.

Setting a Default Referral

You can specify a server that is used by default when directory information is not found on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer the client is connected to.

  1. Select the Referrals tab.
  2. Under Referrals, select the referral server.
  3. Choose Default Referral.

Modifying a Referral

You can edit information about a referral server.

  1. Select the Referrals tab.
  2. Choose Edit.

Removing a Referral

If you no longer want to refer clients to a server, you can delete the server from the list of referral servers.

  1. Select the Referrals tab.
  2. Choose Remove.