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Import Container Properties

You use import containers to store imported addresses sent from the MS Mail remote directory requestor to the Microsoft Exchange Server dirsync server.

Getting to the Import Container property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Connections.
  2. Double-click the remote dirsync requestor.
  3. Select the Import Container tab.

For information on directory synchronization import containers, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning.

Selecting a Remote Dirsync Requestor Import Container

Use the Import Container property page to specify which recipient container receives imported address information. You can also assign trust levels to objects being imported.

You cannot choose another directory import container once one has been specified. If you want to modify where imported directory information is placed, you must delete the existing requestor and configure a new one.

If you want to make address information from more than one directory synchronization server available to Microsoft Exchange Server recipients, but you do not want to combine information between the directory synchronization servers, create a separate container for each group of imported recipients.

Note   MS Mail and other messaging systems do not have directory objects or trust levels. When a recipient address is imported from a directory synchronization server, a recipient object is created in the container with the trust level you specify in the Import Container property page. If you modify trust levels associated with a recipient object after it is added to the Microsoft Exchange Server directory, those modifications are overwritten during any subsequent directory synchronization import cycle that includes this recipient.

  1. Select the Import Container tab.
  2. Choose Container.
  3. Select a container for placing imported address listings.
  4. In the Trust level box, type a trust level.

Option Description
Import container The container where recipient listings are placed during directory synchronization. You specify an import container the first time the remote dirsync requestor is created. Once chosen, you cannot select another container for import. To choose another container for import, you must delete the remote dirsync object and re-create it.
Trust level The trust level set for the import container. When recipient addresses are imported, a recipient object is created in the container with the trust level specified by the import container.
The default is 20.