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Remote Dirsync Requestor Installation

Each requestor to a Microsoft Exchange Server dirsync server must be defined in the Microsoft Exchange Server directory as a remote dirsync requestor. You must complete the following tasks to set up a remote dirsync requestor:

When you have completed the procedures in this section, you should verify that each remote MS Mail directory requestor is set up as a requestor to the dirsync server configured earlier in the chapter.

For more information on setting up MS Mail directory requestors, see your Microsoft Mail for PC Networks documentation.

Creating a remote dirsync requestor

The minimum requirements for creating a remote dirsync requestor object include specifying a display name for the remote dirsync requestor object in the General property page, and choosing a recipient import container in the Import Container property page.

Note   The Remote Dirsync Requestor command is unavailable until you set
up a Microsoft Exchange Server dirsync server as described in "Dirsync Server Installation" earlier in this chapter.

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Connections.
  2. Select the dirsync server.
  3. From the File menu, choose New Other, and then choose Remote Dirsync Requestor.
  4. Select a requestor from the list of MS Mail postoffices.