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General Dirsync Requestor Properties

Use the General property page to set the basic properties for a Microsoft Exchange Server dirsync requestor. When you configure a dirsync requestor for the first time, you must specify a display name to be viewed in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program. You can also select the address types that you want to exchange during directory synchronization.

Note   When a dirsync requestor object is being configured, it is given a unique display name (up to 64 characters). This name appears in the Connections container. For the remainder of this chapter, the dirsync requestor object will be referred to as dirsync requestor.

Getting to the General property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Connections.
  2. Double-click the dirsync requestor.
  3. Select the General tab.

Setting General Requestor Properties

You can choose foreign address types that the dirsync requestor will request from the dirsync server. If you select a foreign address type, for example PROFS, you will receive all PROFS addresses that the dirsync server has processed in its master list. You should not select a foreign address type unless you have the access component for the foreign mail gateway installed on the Connector postoffice.

Note   When you configure the General property page for a dirsync requestor, you must specify a dirsync server mailbox for sending and receiving system messages. By default, a hidden mailbox on the dirsync server is chosen. Generally, you should not specify a different mailbox to handle dirsync messages.

  1. Select the General tab.
  2. In the Name box, type a name for this requestor.
  3. Select Append to imported users' display name if appropriate.
  4. Under Mail addresses, accept the default dirsync address.
  5. Specify any foreign address types required and a requestor language.

Option Description
Name Creates a unique name (up to 64 characters) for this requestor instance. This name appears in the Connections container.
Append to imported
users' display name
An optional setting. If selected, puts the requestor name after each custom recipient that is created by the dirsync process.
Dirsync Address The hidden recipient mailbox ($SYSTEM) on the MS Mail (PC) directory server is selected by default. Directory synchronization messages are sent to this mailbox. You should not change this address when setting up a Microsoft Exchange Server dirsync requestor.
Address types MS Mail (PC) addresses are sent and received by default. Select other address types that this requestor will receive and request.
Requestor language The primary language used in your MS Mail (PC) system. The default is English.
Server The Microsoft Exchange Server in your site that will act as the dirsync requestor. The default is the server you are currently connected to in the Administrator program.

For information on installing gateway access components on the Connector postoffice, see Chapter 10, "Microsoft Mail for PC Networks."