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Indirect Connections to MS Mail Postoffices

The Microsoft Mail Connector allows Microsoft Exchange clients access to MS Mail (PC) postoffices not connected directly through the connector. You can use the Connections property page to configure routing information from an indirectly connected postoffice regardless of the transport medium used. Establishing an indirect connection to an external postoffice can be useful when connecting Microsoft Exchange Server to an existing MS Mail (PC) system.

Very little set up is required to establish an indirect connection. For example, you may have an existing MS Mail (PC) system of multiple, mutually communicating postoffices. You can establish a connection through the Microsoft Mail Connector to any one of the MS Mail (PC) postoffices using either a LAN, asynchronous, or X.25 connection. Once the connection is established from the Microsoft Mail Connector, you can then configure an indirect connection to any of the remaining MS Mail postoffices through this MS Mail postoffice. You establish an indirect connection only. You do not have to create a Connector MTA instance for an indirect connection.