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MS Mail (PC) Postoffice Configuration

When you finish setting up the Microsoft Mail Connector, you must configure each MS Mail (PC) postoffice that you identified in the Microsoft Mail Connector. You can use the MS Mail 3.x Administrator program to create an external postoffice listing for the Microsoft Exchange Server you are communicating with.

Use the Local Postoffice property page in the Microsoft Mail Connector to obtain the postoffice and network name of the Microsoft Mail Connector. This information will be used in the MS Mail (PC) Administrator program to configure the Microsoft Mail Connector postoffice as an external postoffice. You must do this for every MS Mail (PC) postoffice that uses the Microsoft Exchange Connector, whether the connection is direct or indirect. The type of connection specified in the MS Mail (PC) Administrator program will depend on how that postoffice is configured on the Microsoft Mail Connector.

For more information about creating external postoffices, see the MS Mail for PC Networks Administrator's Guide.

Testing an Asynchronous or X.25 Connection

After you have set up an asynchronous or X.25 connection to an MS Mail (PC) postoffice, you will need to test the connection between the two mail systems.

For information on sending test messages, see "Test the Connection" earlier in this chapter.