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Microsoft Exchange Connection Setup

From a Macintosh computer on your local area network (LAN), you can connect to the Connector postoffice after you configure it as a Macintosh-accessible volume on the Windows NT Server computer. The MS Mail (AppleTalk) server computer uses AppleShare, a Macintosh file sharing protocol, to connect to the Connector postoffice just as if it were an AppleShare server.

Setting up Microsoft Exchange Connection includes the following tasks:

Connecting to the Microsoft Mail Connector Postoffice

You must connect to the Connector postoffice from the Macintosh server to install Microsoft Exchange Connection software. The MS Mail (AppleTalk) administrator should configure the Chooser to connect to the volume that contains the Connector postoffice at startup. If the volume is not available to the Macintosh server, mail will not be transferred.

  1. From the Apple menu, choose the Chooser.
  2. Choose the AppleShare icon.
  3. In the Select a file server box, select the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server computer, and then choose OK.
  4. Type the name and password to access the volume.
  5. Choose OK to display the available volumes.
  6. In the Select the items you want to use box, select the volume that contains the Microsoft Mail Connector postoffice, and then choose OK.
  7. Select the check box to the right of the volume to open the connection at startup.
  8. Choose OK, and quit the Chooser.

Option Description
Guest Select if you have chosen to allow guests to use this volume.
Registered User Select if you have set permissions on this volume to exclude
guest users and allow registered users.
Name The name you specified when creating the volume (typically the Microsoft Exchange Server service account).
Password The password you specified when creating the volume (typically the Microsoft Exchange Server service account).

Installing Microsoft Exchange Connection Files

Microsoft Exchange Server provides a floppy disk of all the files required to install the Microsoft Exchange Connection gateway. Before you install the Microsoft Exchange Connection gateway, you must first install the necessary files on your mail server.

  1. Insert the Microsoft Exchange Connection floppy disk into a floppy drive on your MS Mail (AppleTalk) server.
  2. Double-click Installer.
  3. Choose Install.
  4. Choose Restart.

Installing the Microsoft Exchange Connection Gateway

You can install Microsoft Exchange Connection software on the MS Mail (AppleTalk) server you want to act as the gateway to Microsoft Exchange Server. The installation places a Macintosh Chooser extension, the Microsoft Exchange Connection gateway, into the Extensions folder of the server System folder. For more information, see your Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk documentation.

  1. Log on to mail as network manager.
  2. Open the MS Exchange Connection folder.
  3. Open the Connection Installer folder.
  4. Choose Exchange Connection Installer.
  5. Select a gateway.
  6. From the Gateway menu, choose Install Gateway.
  7. Select GW and choose Install.
  8. In the Gateway ID box, type a gateway identifier.
  9. In the Gateway Name box, type a new name for this gateway.
  10. Choose OK.
  11. Select the templates you want to install.
  12. Choose OK to complete the Microsoft Exchange Connection installation.
  13. From the File menu, choose Quit.

Option Description
Gateway ID Enter a unique gateway identifier for each MS Mail (AppleTalk) site. The default is NC (2 characters).
Gateway Name The name for the gateway you are installing. The default is Exchange Connection.
Gateway templates Install only the templates for gateways you will access.