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Diagnostics Logging

You can control how logging information for the Microsoft Mail Connector is written to the Windows NT Event Log. You can specify the types of events that are logged for the Microsoft Mail Connector and the level of logging information for each event. Viewing the event log for connector services is useful when troubleshooting message transfer through the connector.

For additional information about diagnostics logging, see Microsoft Exchange Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Setting Up Connector Diagnostic Logging

You can enable logging for three connector services to be written to the application event log. For each category, you can assign a level of logging. The level determines which events generated by that service are logged. Normally, you would want to log only critical events. However, when a problem occurs, detailed events may disclose a path to the source of the problem. The three service categories available for logging are:

MSExchangeMSMI   Connector interchange activity for message transfer between Microsoft Exchange Server and the Connector postoffice.

MSExchangePCMTA   Connector (PC) MTA activity for MTA transport between the Connector postoffice and a directly connected MS Mail (PC) postoffice.

MSExchangeATMTA   Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA activity for MTA transport between the MS Mail (PC) and the MS Mail (AppleTalk) areas of the Connector postoffice.

  1. Select the Diagnostics Logging tab.
  2. In the Category box, select a service category.
  3. In the Logging Level box, select a level.

Option Description
None Only critical events and error events are logged. This is the default.
Minimum Very high-level events are logged. This setting is appropriate for the beginning of an investigation when the location of the problem is in doubt.
Medium This setting is appropriate when the problem has been narrowed to a service or group of categories.
Maximum A complete trail of the operation of the service. This level is appropriate when the problem has been traced to a particular category.