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Connections Properties

Most of the options in the Connections property page are specific to MS Mail (PC). You can view the Connector MTA message queue for messages intended for an MS Mail (AppleTalk) recipient, but you cannot create, modify, or delete an MS Mail (AppleTalk) connection. A connection is configured when you enable the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA in the Interchange property page.

Getting to the Connections property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose the site where the Microsoft Mail Connector is installed, and choose Connections.
  2. Double-click MS Mail Connector.
  3. Select the Connections tab.

For information on configuring the Connector MTA, see "Setting Up the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA" earlier in this chapter.

Viewing the MS Mail (AppleTalk) Message Queue

Use the Connections property page to view the Connector MTA message queue for mail pending transfer from the Connector postoffice to the MS Mail (AppleTalk) server. When you view the message queue, you see a snapshot of the queue status. The ability to view message queue activity is useful for troubleshooting message progress through the connector.

Note   View the Connector MTA message queue for messages pending transfer before stopping the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA service.

  1. Select the Connections tab.
  2. In the Connections box, select AppleTalk Mail.
  3. Choose Queue.
  4. Select Refresh to update queue status information.

Option Description
Refresh Updates the display to reflect the current queue status.
Delete Deletes a message from the queue.
Return Returns a message and removes it from the queue.
Send Non-Delivery Reports
when messages deleted
Sends a notice to the sender when a message is deleted from the queue. This option is selected by default.