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Propagating Public Folder Messages into cc:Mail Bulletin Boards

Messages are propagated from Microsoft Exchange Server public folders using a Folder Assistant rule. You create a rule to forward all messages posted or sent to the public folder to the cc:Mail bulletin board.

  1. Configure the connector and run directory synchronization. Verify that the cc:Mail SiteProxy post office has propagated through ADE to the cc:Mail post office hosting the bulletin board.
  2. Modify the Microsoft Exchange Server custom recipient for the cc:Mail bulletin board.
  3. In the e-mail client program, right-click the public folder to be propagated, and choose Properties.
  4. Select the Administration tab.
  5. Enable Folder Assistant, Add Rule, and Forward. Double-click To, and select the cc:Mail bulletin board for receiving the propagated messages. In the Method box, select Leave message intact.
  6. When you receive a message asking if you want this rule to fire for all incoming messages, choose Yes.

Another method of synchronizing messages posted or sent to public folders is to create a distribution list for each public folder and include the public folder and the corresponding bulletin board as members. Instruct users to send to the distribution list instead of sending or posting directly to the public folder.