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Propagating Messages Between cc:Mail Bulletin Boards and Public Folders

The Lotus cc:Mail Router program (an agent that propagates bulletin board messages on a cc:Mail system) must be active between the bulletin board home post office and the recipient post office to enable the propagation of cc:Mail bulletin board messages. Messages sent through the Connector for cc:Mail to Microsoft Exchange Server are extracted from the connected cc:Mail post office using the cc:Mail Import/Export programs. These messages are not delivered by the cc:Mail Router. As a result, bulletin boards propagated into Microsoft Exchange Server public folders cannot be hosted on the connected cc:Mail post office. Furthermore, bulletin boards hosted on the connected cc:Mail post office must be moved and homed to another post office. Create a Microsoft Exchange Server public folder that bulletin board messages will be propagated to. The public folder must have the same name as the cc:Mail bulletin board.

  1. In the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program, choose Folders, choose Public Folders, and then double-click the public folder used for propagating bulletin board messages.
  2. Select the Advanced tab, and clear the Hide from address book check box.
  3. Configure the connector and run directory synchronization. Verify that the cc:Mail SiteProxy post office has propagated through ADE to the cc:Mail post office hosting the bulletin board.
  4. Modify the Microsoft Exchange Server custom recipient for the cc:Mail bulletin board.
  5. From the cc:Mail Administrator program Main menu, choose Manage Bulletin Boards. Choose the name of the bulletin board to be propagated, and press ENTER.
  6. From the Bulletin Board menu, choose Add names to propagation list. If the target public folder is the same as the bulletin board, select the Microsoft Exchange SiteProxy post office name; otherwise, select the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server public folder.

Other methods for synchronizing messages posted to bulletin boards into public folders include: