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Public Folders and cc:Mail Bulletin Boards

Microsoft Exchange Server and cc:Mail can be configured to forward mail sent to either a public folder or a bulletin board. Because of limitations in the propagation of bulletin board messages, forwarding can be configured for one direction only (cc:Mail to Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Exchange Server to cc:Mail). Configuration of cross-posting between a cc:Mail bulletin board and a Microsoft Exchange Server public folder may result in message looping.

Modifying E-mail Addresses

Directory synchronization creates custom recipient entries for cc:Mail bulletin boards in the Microsoft Exchange Server directory. Messages sent to these custom recipients will be delivered only to the bulletin boards on the connected post office. You must modify the CCMAIL target address on the bulletin board custom recipients to propagate bulletin board messages to downstream post offices. For example, a bulletin board named "Social" located on the cc:Mail post office "PO5" would have the address "#Social." Modify this to "#Social at PO5." You can determine the home post office for a bulletin board from the cc:Mail Administrator program.

  1. Double-click the bulletin board custom recipient.
  2. Select the General tab, and then choose E-mail.
  3. Select Modify existing e-mail address.
  4. Type e-mail address information.
  5. Run directory synchronization.