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Sending Shortcuts and Links

The Connector for cc:Mail does not fully support links to files, shortcuts to Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), and shortcuts to Microsoft Exchange public folders.

Shortcuts to URLs are created in a Web browser and copied to the Microsoft Exchange message body.

The following table describes how shortcuts and links are sent.

Object Connector management Object viewed by client
Links to files Forwarded to the cc:Mail post office. The network path to the linked file is inserted into the message body. The file cannot be viewed from the cc:Mail client.
Shortcuts to URLs Forwarded to the cc:Mail post office as a URL in the message body. The URL site address is inserted into the message. The URL can be copied from the message and viewed from a Web browser.
Shortcuts to Microsoft Exchange public folders Forwarded to the cc:Mail post office as an attachment. The folder shortcut is inserted into an attached file. The attachment name is derived from the folder name. The shortcut cannot be launched from a cc:Mail client.