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Testing from the Microsoft Exchange Server

You can test the connector by sending test messages from a Microsoft Exchange Server recipient to a cc:Mail recipient using an e-mail client. This helps to determine if the outbound side of the connector is functioning correctly. After you have tested the connector from a Microsoft Exchange server, you should also send a test message from a cc:Mail client to a Microsoft Exchange Server recipient. For information on testing the connector from a cc:Mail client, see "Testing from a cc:Mail Client" later in this chapter.

Before you send a test message from a Microsoft Exchange server to a cc:Mail recipient, create a custom recipient address for the mailbox you are sending the test message to. Once the address is created, the recipient appears in your personal address list. You must know the post office name and mailbox name for the recipient. Use the cc:Mail Administrator program to find this information.

Before testing the connection, check to see that the cc:Mail service has been started. Use the Services icon in Control Panel to start the Connector cc:Mail Service.

Note   Messages sent from a Microsoft Exchange Server computer to a cc:Mail recipient will not be delivered if the word "at" appears in the cc:Mail user name. For example, a message addressed to the cc:Mail user name Grover Smith at Legal located on post office Postoffice1 (Grover Smith at Legal at Postoffice1) results in a non-delivery report.