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Site Connector and Dynamic RAS Connector

Microsoft Exchange Server provides several connectors to link sites in your organization. Each connector uses different transport protocols for message exchange. You can use a combination of connectors or install multiple connectors of the same type.

You can use the following connectors to connect sites:

Site Connector   Connects two sites on the same physical local area network (LAN) using synchronous remote procedure calls (RPCs).

Dynamic RAS Connector   Connects two sites using the asynchronous Remote Access Service (RAS) function provided with Windows NT Server.

Internet Mail Service   Connects two sites using the Internet Mail Service.

X.400 Connector   Connects two sites using X.400 transport protocols. An X.400 Connector is also used to connect Microsoft Exchange Server sites to foreign systems.

For information about using the Internet Mail Service, see Chapter 5, "Internet Mail Service." For information about using X.400, see Chapter 7, "X.400 Connector."