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Template Modification

You can modify any template by changing one or more of the template's controls, which are attributes, such as group boxes and edit boxes, that make up a Microsoft Exchange Server dialog box.

Note   The MS-DOS Templates property page is used in the same way as the Templates property page, except that the MS-DOS Templates property page applies to the MS-DOS® Client.

Getting to the Templates property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Details Templates, and then select one of the language containers.
  2. Double-click the template you want to modify.
  3. Select the Templates tab.

Creating a New Template Control

Use the Templates property page to create a new template control and add a function to an existing details template. For example, you may decide to add the Employee ID attribute to the mailbox details template.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Choose New.
  1. For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Server Help.

Editing or Removing a Template Control

You can edit or remove any control in a template. For example, depending on the type of control you have selected, you can change its name, value, location, size, or function.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Select the control you want to change, and then choose Edit.

Changing the Order of Template Controls

You can change the order in which the template controls are listed. This allows you to organize the controls in a logical way.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Select the control you want to move up or down in the list of controls, and then choose Move Up or Move Down.

Testing the Appearance of a Template

After you modify a template, or while you are making changes, you can test the appearance of a template to determine if the changes appear as you intended.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Choose Test.

Reverting to Original Template Settings

After you change the appearance of a template by either adding, removing, or modifying controls, you can return to the original template. Reverting to the original template permanently overwrites any changes you or another administrator made to this template. The template will appear as it did when you first installed Microsoft Exchange Server.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Choose Original.