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Delivery Restrictions for Recipients

You can specify which recipients a mailbox, distribution list, or custom recipient will accept messages from (not available for public folders). All rejected messages are returned to the originator.

Getting to the recipient Delivery Restrictions property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose a recipients container or an Address Book view container.
  2. Double-click the recipient you want to configure.
  3. Select the Delivery Restrictions tab.

Accepting or Rejecting Messages from Specific Senders

You can accept or reject messages from any sender listed in the directory. Delivery restrictions are optional and do not affect incoming messages. The default is to accept messages from all senders and reject messages from none. If you specify even one name in the Accept messages from box, messages from all other senders who are not listed in the box are rejected.

Note   If a distribution list is specified, the members of the distribution list are used for the restriction, not the distribution list itself.

  1. Select the Delivery Restrictions tab.
  2. Under either Accept messages from or Reject messages from, select List.
  3. Choose Modify to open the Address Book so you can select from a list of recipients.