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Pausing Monitors

When you take a computer down for maintenance or perform a backup, you can temporarily stop the monitoring actions that are scheduled for that computer or server. For example, any repairs or notifications initiated by a link or server monitor can be ignored while the computer is down for scheduled maintenance. This avoids unnecessary alerts, notifications, and system repairs from being sent.

You can use the admin /t command to temporarily suspend repairs and notifications initiated by link or server monitoring. You can use this command in an automated process for scheduled maintenance or you can use it from the command line.

Note   When performing maintenance on a server, you must set the admin /t command to start before the server goes offline. Consider the polling intervals of the monitors and be sure that each monitor receives a notification reporting a change in maintenance status before the server goes down.

Option Description
-t r Suspends repairs during maintenance, but sends a notification if a problem is found.
-t n Suspends notification during maintenance, but initiates any repairs specified by the monitor.
-t nr Suspends both notification and repairs during maintenance.
-t Resets the monitor to normal.

Note   Either the dash (-) or slash (/) can be used in the command line option.