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Windows NT Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor is a Windows NT tool that can be used with Microsoft Exchange Server. It provides a graphical user interface for measuring the performance of your computer and other computers on your network. Performance Monitor allows you to perform a variety of monitoring tasks, including:

Performance Monitor provides charting, alerting, and reporting capabilities that reflect current activity and ongoing logging. You can also open log files at a later time for browsing and charting as if they were reflecting current activity.

Monitoring involves looking at discrete components of a system. In Windows NT, an object represents an individual process, a section of shared memory, or a physical device. An object can have several counters associated with it. For example, the Memory object has many counters, including Available Bytes, Pages/Sec, and Page Faults/Sec. You can monitor any one of these memory counters.

Getting to the Windows NT Performance Monitor

  1. From the Start menu, choose Programs.
  2. Select Administrative Tools, and then select Performance Monitor.

For more information about Performance Monitor, see your Windows NT Server documentation.