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Server Status

Server status shows the last check performed on each server. The data shown provides details about the time of the last measurement performed and tracks the time of the last change. This information can be used to determine how a server is performing.

Getting to the Actions property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Monitors, and then choose a server monitor.
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Start Monitor.
  3. Type the name or browse for the server you want to connect to, and then choose OK.
  4. Double-click the server that you want, and then select the Actions tab.

Changing the Component Status

You can use the Actions property page to start, stop, pause, and continue service on any component or connector. The status is shown in real time, and the display is updated for each polling interval.

Option Description
Services Lists the components and connectors monitored.
Version Lists the version of the service, if known.
Status Lists the current status as determined by its response to the
poll sent by the monitor.
Start Starts a stopped service.
Stop Stops a running service.
Pause Temporarily stops a running service.
Continue Restarts a paused service.