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Escalation Actions

Use the Actions property page to specify the escalation actions this server monitor takes when a service is not running. Actions and notification are independent. You can specify notification to occur before, during, or after actions.

Getting to the Actions property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Monitors.
  2. Double-click the server monitor you want to update.
  3. Select the Actions tab.

Specifying Escalation Actions

You can specify what action should be taken when a service is not running. One set of actions is used for all servers being monitored. You can create multiple server monitors if the monitored servers have different escalation actions.

Escalation occurs after an attempt to start the service has failed. Escalation attempts continue until the service successfully starts. When specifying options, be sure to consider how long it takes to restart your computer. For example, if the restart time is greater than the polling time and you choose to restart the computer, the action will fail repeatedly.

Caution   Restarting the computer can interfere with other non-Microsoft Exchange Server services. If any of the monitored servers should not be restarted, do not select the Restart the computer option.

  1. Select the Actions tab.
  2. Under Action when a service is stopped, select an option in each attempt box.

Option Description
Take no action The server monitor should notify you only of a failed service.
Restart the service The server monitor should attempt to restart the missing service.
Restart the computer The server monitor should attempt to restart the computer with the missing service.

Specifying the Restart Delay

If you selected Restart the computer as one of the escalation actions, you can specify an interval before the computer is shut down. This delay gives those users using the server as a workstation time to save their work.

  1. Select the Actions tab.
  2. In any of the attempt boxes, select Restart the computer.
  3. In the Restart message box, type a message that is to appear in the Restart warning box on the server to be restarted.