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Steps for Performing Migration

Before you migrate your users from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Server, you need to determine which coexistence method you will use. You also need to consider how you will provide messaging connectivity during migration, and how you will keep the directories in both systems updated.

   To prepare for migration from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Server

  1. Plan messaging connectivity and coexistence between the two systems. This will enable users on both systems to send messages to each other during migration. You can use a common gateway such as SMTP or X.400, or use a point-to-point gateway to provide messaging connectivity.
  2. Determine how you will update the directories in the two systems. If you use a point-to-point gateway, directory synchronization may be a feature of the gateway. If you use a common gateway, you must use directory import and export to keep the directories updated. The process of updating the directory generates custom recipients in Microsoft Exchange Server for Novell GroupWise users who haven't been migrated yet. Any messages addressed to a custom recipient are delivered to the user in the Novell GroupWise system until the user is migrated to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  3. Ensure that each user has granted proxy access to the Novell GroupWise account used to perform the migration. You can automate this process by using the macro that is included on the Microsoft Exchange Server compact disc in the Migrate\tools\gwise directory.
  4. Reduce the amount of data to be migrated. If you don't want to migrate old mailbox items from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Server, use the Ofcheck expire/reduce option to eliminate old items. For information, see your Novell GroupWise documentation.
  5. Run the Migration Wizard and select the users you're going to migrate. If Microsoft Exchange Server custom recipients have been created for Novell GroupWise users, convert the existing custom recipients to Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes by clearing the Information to create mailboxes option in the Migration Wizard. If custom recipients weren't created earlier, you can use the Migration Wizard to create new mailboxes.

  6. Note   If Microsoft Exchange Server custom recipients have been created for Novell GroupWise users, in order for the custom recipients to be converted to mailboxes, the user's original Novell GroupWise address must be a secondary proxy address on the custom recipient.