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Theory of Operation

The ALL-IN-1 Source Extractor must be used from the EX_MIGRATE account on the ALL-IN-1 system. This is a special account that must be created for the purpose of migrating user accounts. Whether the user names to be processed are chosen in the user interface, or via an input file, the processing is identical:

  1. The first/next user is determined.
  2. That user's account is visited.
  3. Any required directory processing and name validation is performed.
  4. Any documents that match the selection criteria are emitted to the output file(s).
  5. Any event items that match the selection criteria are emitted to the output files as Inbox messages.
  6. Any nicknames that match the selection criteria are emitted to the output files as Inbox messages. Any errors are noted in the log file.
  7. Unless that was the last selected user, the process repeats.

The attribute mapping between ALL-IN-1 and Microsoft Exchange Server is as follows:

Exchange ALL-IN-1 ALL-IN-1 Field Name
Common-Name Username USER
Display-Name Full Name FULNAM
Target-Address Username USER
Start-Time Start Time STIME
End-Time End Time ETIME
Location Location LOC
Description Purpose DESC
Private Confidential CONFID
Tentative N/A N/A
Reminder N/A N/A
Rem-Time N/A N/A
Attendees Attendee ATENDE
Note Comments N/A
Folder Folder FOLDER
Sender Sender FROM
To To TO
Bcc BCC BCC (available in V3.0 and later)
Subject Subject SUBJECT
Send-Date Date Sent DELIVERED
Received-Date Date Sent DELIVERED
Priority Importance PRIORITY
Unread Status emitted
Unsent Status emitted
Body File Name emitted

International Issues

The ALL-IN-1 Source Extractor was developed in English with an effort to be easily translatable to any other (Single Byte Character Set) language that has an ALL-IN-1 language version. The use of embedded visible character strings in code has been avoided in most cases. To translate this tool to a different language, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Translate the visible portion of the ALL-IN-1 forms (.FLG files).
  2. Scan the script files (.SCP) for embedded text and translate as necessary.

Language-specific character sets are handled via language-specific terminals and printers rather than through the use of selectable code pages. The ALL-IN-1 system only sees ASCII values. The rendering of these values into visual form is accomplished entirely via the ROMs in the users' terminals and printers. While the Source Extractor will specify code page 850 in the intermediate files, it is there as a convention and has no bearing on the terminal ROMs in use at any particular site.