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Before Migrating

You need to perform a number of tasks before migrating. First, update your client hardware as needed. Also, set up your Microsoft Exchange Server site. For information about these two tasks, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning and the Microsoft Exchange Server Getting Started.

Have users delete documents they don't need, retrieve any archived documents, or move documents to a special folder. Archived documents are not migrated.

You also need to synchronize directories beforehand. There are three methods: using the Directory Import and Directory Export commands in Microsoft Exchange Server, using Digital's Directory Synchoronization Utility, or using a third-party program.

Digital ALL-IN-1 accounts are limited to 30 characters, whereas Microsoft Windows NT accounts are limited to 20 characters. If you are creating Windows NT accounts with the Migration Wizard and you have lengthy Digital ALL-IN-1 account names, you must either edit the migration files or modify the names of the Digital ALL-IN-1 accounts to 20 characters or less prior to migration.

If doing a multi-phase migration, you need to connect Digital ALL-IN-1 and Microsoft Exchange Server. The following gateways can be used:

X.400 with Digital's MRX and Message Router to ALL-IN-1 Connects to native X.400 connectors in Microsoft Exchange Server; supports 1984 standards only.

X.400 with Digital's MAILbus 400 Connects to native connectors in Microsoft Exchange Server; supports 1988 standards.

SMTP with Digital's MAILbus 400 Connects to the Internet Mail Service in Microsoft Exchange Server; supports MIME.