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Migrating Archived Messages

The Migration Wizard cannot migrate archived messages. They must be moved out of archives to the postoffice to be migrated. If you have many users with large archives, postoffice performance can suffer. There are several options for migrating archived messages.

   To migrate archived messages after mailboxes are migrated

  1. The administrator sets up Lotus cc:Mobile for Windows on a computer on the network.
  2. The user creates a new mobile postoffice on that computer.
  3. The user maps a drive to a server where the archive files are located.
  4. The user moves archived messages into the mailbox of the mobile client.
  5. The user or the administrator runs the Migration Wizard and creates migration files for the administrator to import and moves them to a safe place. The user should extract only the e-mail and not select the option to create a mailbox.
  6. The user deletes the local postoffice to prepare the computer for the next user.