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Changing Naming Conventions

Migration is the best time to establish or change a naming convention. This can be done during migration by editing the primary migration files to change the directory name or after mailbox creation using the Directory Import command.

Important    Lotus cc:Mail user names and bulletin boards containing a quote character (²) cannot be migrated. You must change the user or bulletin board name in Lotus cc:Mail before extracting the mailbox.

The Lotus cc:Mail extractor that is part of the Migration Wizard creates one primary file for each user. If you need to change the directory name, which cannot be changed after the Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox is created, it is recommended that you use the following procedure.

   To change the directory name

  1. Use the two-step procedure in the Migration Wizard and extract only mailbox creation information. Specify a directory for the location of the migration files.
  2. Edit all the primary files. There is one packing list file named for the postoffice and one primary and secondary file for each user.
  3. Import the edited migration files with the Migration Wizard.
  4. Use the one-step procedure in the Migration Wizard, and select Personal E-mail Messages. Don't select Information to create mailboxes.

All other naming changes can be made after the mailboxes are created using the Directory Export and Directory Import commands. This can be done with the preceding procedure, but editing one primary file for each user would be tedious without an automated tool.