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Directory Replication Processes

There are two different processes that keep directory information current throughout the organization:

Within a site, directory replication is automatic and starts within five minutes after
a change is made to a directory object. The directory where the change was made notifies all other directories, one directory at a time, through a remote procedure call (RPC). Each directory responds to the notification by sending a request for updates. After receiving the updates, all directories are current.

To set up directory replication between sites, you must create and configure a directory replication connector. A directory replication connector connects directories in different sites. This connector provides a bidirectional replication link between the two sites. You must designate one server in each site that will be responsible for requesting updated directory information from the other site and schedule when directory replication will occur.

At the scheduled times, the directory in the local site sends a request for directory updates to the remote site. The directory in the remote site packages any directory updates in a message and sends them back to the requesting site. Upon receiving the updated messages, the directory at the local site is updated with current information, and replication automatically begins to update all other server directories within the site.

Note   You can view directory information that has been replicated from another site, but you cannot make changes to the other site unless you have the appropriate permissions and can establish an RPC connection to a server in that site.