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Directory Replication Between Sites on the Same Network

You can share directory information between two Microsoft Exchange Server sites that are on the same local area network (LAN). Before doing so, make sure that:

Setting Up Directory Replication Between Sites on the Same LAN

To set up directory replication between sites on the same LAN, you must:

Note   Configuring both sites concurrently saves time, reduces the chance of configuration errors, and is recommended when both sites are located on the same LAN.

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Directory Replication.
  2. From the File menu, choose New Other, and then choose Directory Replication Connector.
  3. In the Server in remote site box, type the name of the server in the remote site.
  4. Select Yes, the remote site is available on this network.
  5. Select Configure both sites to create and configure a directory replication connector in the remote site automatically.
  6. Choose OK to display the Directory Replication Connector property pages where you will complete the configuration process and create the directory replication connector.