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Forms Library Administration

Forms enable users to enter and view information. You can create and customize forms to meet specific needs and to display specific kinds of information in a structured manner.

After a form is created, it can be saved in one of three libraries:

An organization forms library is a repository for forms that are commonly accessed by all users in a company. For example, a standard supply request form can be stored in an organization forms library. You can use the Administrator program to create, set permissions for, and replicate organization forms libraries.

A public folder library is designed to store forms that are used with a specific public folder. For example, a Classified Ads public folder may use a special form designed to accommodate standard information about goods for sale. Forms saved to a public folder library are available to anyone logged on to the public folder.

A personal forms library exists on a specific user's computer. Users can save forms to this library, but other users cannot view or modify them.