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Starting the KM Server

After you install the KM server, you must start it to enable and configure security for individual users and the site. The KM server must be running at all times. Microsoft Key Management services, unlike others, do not start automatically.

  1. In Control Panel, choose Services and double-click Microsoft Exchange Key Management Server.
  2. Under Log On As, select This Account and the Microsoft Exchange Service account, and then choose OK.
  3. Insert the disk that contains the password provided during Setup into the disk drive. If you did not copy the password to a disk during Setup, type the password in the Startup Parameters box.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange Key Manager.
  5. Select Certificate Authority, and then choose Start.

Note   If you are starting the KM server for the first time, you should change the default KM server password, which is "password." For information about changing the password, see Microsoft Exchange Server Operations.