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Granting Permissions for the Site and Configuration Containers

You can grant permissions to individual user accounts or to Windows NT global groups to access the following areas in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program. Before you grant permissions, you must start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program, and if necessary, connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer that you are granting permissions to.

Site container   Accounts and groups with site permissions can perform recipient administration tasks, such as adding recipients and new mailboxes.

Configuration container   Accounts and groups with configuration permissions can perform configuration administration tasks, such as adding connectors and servers and changing site property pages.

Important    For accounts or groups to have full administrative permissions, you must give them permissions to both the site and the configuration.

  1. Select the Site container to grant site permissions, or select the Configuration container under the site to grant configuration permissions.
  2. From the File menu, choose Properties.
  3. Select the Permissions tab, and then choose Add.
  4. The Permissions property page displays the list of user accounts with permissions for this site.
  5. In the Add Users And Groups dialog box, select the appropriate options.
  6. Choose OK.

Option Description
List Names From Select the Windows NT domain you want.
Names Select the accounts or group that you want to add, and then choose Add. The selected user and group names appear in the Add Names box.