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KM Server Installation

You need two passwords to install your KM server. One is used by the Microsoft Exchange Key Manager service. The other is used by advanced security administrators to perform advanced security tasks. Administrators have their own passwords.

Microsoft Exchange Key Manager service password   During Setup, you can copy the password for the Microsoft Exchange Key Manager service to a floppy disk. After the password is copied to the disk, Setup immediately backs up the disk containing the password to another disk. Back up the disk that is created during KM server Setup, and keep it in a secure place in case the original is lost or damaged. If you do not copy the password to the floppy disk, Setup displays the password so you can make a note of it. There is no default password.

Note   If you chose not to create a Microsoft Exchange KM server floppy disk during Setup, you must type the password that Setup provides in the Startup Parameters box. The password is case-sensitive.

Advanced security administrator password   The advanced security administrator password is set to password by default. For information about changing this password, see Microsoft Exchange Server Operations.

Upgrading an Existing KM Server Installation

If KM server is already installed, you can upgrade the existing installation by running Microsoft Exchange Server Setup and selecting the KM Server option.

Before upgrading your existing KM server, you must have:

Installing Microsoft Exchange Server with KM Server Components

Before you install KM server, log on to Windows NT Server from the computer that will run KM server. Use a domain account that is in the local administrators group and that has Windows NT Domain Admin or Accounts Operator permissions.

  1. Insert the Microsoft Exchange Server compact disc into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Run Setup.exe from the directory for your computer type.
  3. Choose Complete/Custom.
  4. Select Exchange Server, and then choose Change Option.
  5. Choose Key Management Server.

Specifying the Microsoft Certificate Server Location

You must specify the location of the Certificate Server that the KM server will use as its CA.

Warning   You cannot change the location of the Certificate Server after you specify it. If you attempt to change it, KM server no longer functions correctly.