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Microsoft Exchange Server enables Microsoft Outlook users to participate in online discussions across the Internet using Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) newsgroups. It also enables users running client applications that support NNTP to access newsgroup public folders made available on Microsoft Exchange Server computers. Newsgroup public folders are public folders that are accessible as NNTP newsgroups.

Users can read and post items, such as messages and documents, to NNTP newsgroups, which are represented in Microsoft Exchange Server as public folders. For example, scientists can exchange research information by posting messages to a newsgroup public folder for their area of interest. Other scientists around the world can then read and respond to the items in the newsgroup. Items in newsgroups can be replicated to USENET host computers in newsfeeds.

The Internet News Service is responsible for providing users with access to newsgroups. It uses NNTP commands to define the communication between hosts. NNTP is an application protocol that is used over Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks and defines a client/server command set for access to newsgroups.

Before installing the Internet News Service and setting up a newsfeed, you should become familiar with how to use and plan your newsfeed. For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning.