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Unresolved Schedule+ Messages

After a recipient has been moved or deleted from a Microsoft Exchange Server site, there may still be Schedule+ messages and data remaining in the Schedule+ Free/Busy system folder for the recipient. Because the recipient has been removed, the Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector cannot validate the existence of the recipient and the Schedule+ messages cannot be resolved. If a full export of the Schedule+ free and busy information is performed from the Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector, the following error message is displayed in the Windows NT Server Event Log:

Event ID 1049: The Directory Import process indicates that error(s) have been logged while creating Microsoft Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector.

Unresolved Schedule+ messages and data cannot be removed manually. By default, the Schedule+ Free and Busy system folder removes any recipient's Schedule+ data messages after 100 days of inactivity. Active Schedule+ accounts are not affected.