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Microsoft Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector for Microsoft Mail

The Microsoft Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector enables Microsoft Exchange Server to share Schedule+ free and busy information with Microsoft Mail for PC Networks [MS Mail (PC)].

A user's free and busy times are the times when the user is either available or unavailable for meetings. The connector processes users' free and busy information from MS Mail (PC) postoffices and updates the information in the Schedule+ Free/Busy system folder. The connector then sends updated free and busy information from Microsoft Exchange Server to the MS Mail (PC) postoffices.

The Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector supports the exchange of free and busy information between MS Mail (PC) users and Microsoft Exchange Server users on the following:

For a description of how the Schedule+ Free/Busy Connector works, see Microsoft Exchange Server Concepts and Planning. For more information about calendar interoperability with MS Mail (PC), see Microsoft Exchange Server Migration.