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Installing the Macproxy.dll

  1. Create the following subdirectories in the Exchange\Address directory, depending on the platform you have:
  2. msa\<server type> (e.g., i386, alpha, ppc)

  3. Copy the Macproxy.dll from the Connect\Msmcon\Bin subdirectory to the platform-specific directory.
  4. Run the address installation program (Addrinst.exe) located in the Support\Macproxy\platform\Msmcon directory with the following parameters:
  5. /sitedn=site name

    /name="Quarterdeck Mail proxy generator"

    /machine=server type


    /proxydll=path to macproxy.dll

    /server=server name

    /gwproxy=gateway name on Mail server

    Note   By default, the gateway name on the Quarterdeck Mail server is Exchange Connection, but it can be changed at installation. Once the Quarterdeck Mail Proxy.dll is installed, it functions like other proxy generators and can be configured in the Site Addressing property page.
  6. For optimal performance transferring messages, set the polling interval (available on the Gateway Connect menu) to Always with an interval of three minutes and a blocking factor (set from the Gateway Configuration menu) of 30. This allows the Quarterdeck Mail server to empty the gateway queue without spending too much time checking the connection status. Microsoft Exchange Server is faster than Quarterdeck Mail and can process the messages without becoming backlogged.