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Quick Start

To set up the minimum configuration requirements for a Microsoft Mail Connector, use the following list of procedures in the order in which they appear.

Task Description
Create a Macintosh-accessible volume. A Macintosh-accessible volume must be created on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer for the MS Mail (AppleTalk) server to connect to the volume.
Configure the connector Interchange property page. From the connector Interchange property page, you must assign an administrator's mailbox and configure the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA.
Connect to the Microsoft Mail Connector postoffice. You must connect to the Connector postoffice from the Macintosh server to configure the Microsoft Exchange Connection software. The MS Mail (AppleTalk) administrator should configure the Chooser to connect to the volume that contains the Connector postoffice at startup.
Install and configure the Microsoft Exchange Connection.
  • Specify the postoffice location.
  • Set the gateway options.
  • Set the gateway connection times.
  • Install access connection software on additional mail servers for indirect access.
Start the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA service. Start the Microsoft Mail Connector (AppleTalk) MTA service from the Control Panel.
Test the connection. Send a mail message from a Microsoft Exchange Server recipient to an MS Mail (AppleTalk) recipient and back.