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Directory Synchronization Schedule

You can schedule the time when Microsoft Exchange Server sends address list updates to and receives address list updates from the cc:Mail post office.

Getting to the Dirsync Schedule property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Connections.
  2. Double-click Connector for cc:Mail.
  3. Select the Dirsync Schedule tab.

Setting the Directory Exchange Server Schedule

Use the Dirsync Schedule property page to specify when directory synchronization is performed. You can also specify to never run directory synchronization.

  1. Select the Dirsync Schedule tab.
  2. Select Never, Always, or Selected times.
  3. Under Detail view, select a view for the schedule grid.

Option Description
Never Disables directory synchronization.
Always Runs directory synchronization every 15 minutes.
Selected times Runs directory synchronization at specific times during the week.
1 Hour Shows the schedule in 1-hour increments.
15 Minute Shows the schedule in 15-minute increments.