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Quick Start

To set up the minimum configuration requirements for a connector, use the following list of procedures in the order in which they appear.

Task Description
Verify that the Import.exe and Export.exe programs are in the system path. The cc:Mail Import and Export programs must be in the Microsoft Exchange Server system path where the connector is installed.
Configure the connector Post Office property page. Use the Connector Post Office property page to assign an administrator's mailbox and establish a local area network (LAN) connection to a cc:Mail post office.
Configure the connector Export Containers property page. Use the Export Containers property page to specify the Microsoft Exchange Server recipients that you want exported to the cc:Mail post office directory.
Configure the connector Import Containers property page. Use the Import Container property page to specify where to store imported addresses from the cc:Mail post office on a Microsoft Exchange Server.
Configure the connector Address Space property page. Use the Address Space property page to configure message routing for the connector. The address space can be configured to specify which messages bound for cc:Mail this connector will route.
Start the Connector for cc:Mail Service. Use Control Panel to start the Connector for cc:Mail Service.
Run directory synchronization. Use the Import Container property page to run a manual directory synchronization cycle for distributing address information between Microsoft Exchange Server and cc:Mail.
Configure the connector Dirsync Schedule property page. Use the Dirsync Schedule property page to specify a time when Microsoft Exchange Server sends address list updates to and receives address list updates from the cc:Mail post office.
Test the connection. Send a message from a Microsoft Exchange server recipient to a cc:Mail recipient and back.