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Testing Connections to Another Site

When you finish configuring an X.400 connection between two sites, you should test the connection before starting any message-based service, such as directory or public folder replication.

  1. Send a message from one site to the other using client software.
  2. Include rich text formatting and an attachment, such as a file or embedded OLE object, to verify proper transmission of X.400 message contents and body parts.
  3. Verify that the message arrives at the recipient's mailbox.
  4. Send a message or a reply from the remote site to the local site using client software.
  5. If either message arrives but is missing rich text formatting or any attachments, verify that the X.400 Connector in each site allows the transmission of either or both TNEF-encapsulated attachments and MDBEF message contents.
  6. If the message is delayed or does not arrive, use the Windows NT Event Viewer to examine the Windows NT application event log for a cause. The Microsoft Exchange Server MTA activity is logged as ExchangeMTA for all message transfer to and from remote sites.

For more information on using the event logs and diagnostics logging to track messaging difficulties, see Microsoft Exchange Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting.