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Delivery Restrictions

Use the Delivery Restrictions property page to accept or reject messages from any sender listed in the directory. For example, if a message is addressed to a foreign system, it is returned to the sender if the sender's address is in the Reject messages from box or does not appear in the Accept messages from box.

Getting to the X.400 Connector Delivery Restrictions property page

  1. In the Administrator window, choose Connections.
  2. Double-click the X.400 Connector to be modified.
  3. Select the Delivery Restrictions tab.

Accepting or Rejecting Messages from Specific Senders

Delivery restrictions are optional and do not affect incoming messages. The default is to accept messages from all senders and reject messages from none. These are senders that are listed in the Microsoft Exchange Server directory.

Note   If a distribution list is specified, the members of the distribution list are used for the restriction, not the distribution list itself.

  1. Select the Delivery Restrictions tab.
  2. Under either Accept messages from or Reject messages from, select List.
  3. Choose Modify to open the Address Book so you can select from a list of recipients.

Option Description
Show Names from the Select the global address list or a container.
Type Name or Select from List Type or select one or more names from the list.
Add Adds the selected names to the Accept messages from box.
Properties Displays the properties of the mailbox.
Find Opens the Find dialog box where you can search for any name based on a variety of properties.