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Performance Monitor Counters

The following table lists the MIB objects defined in RFC 1566 and their corresponding Microsoft Exchange Server counters.

MIB object
MSExchangeIMC counter MSExchangeMTA counter
MtaReceivedMessages Inbound Messages Total Inbound Messages Total
MtaStoredMessages Total Messages Queued Work Queue Length
MtaTransmittedMessages Outbound Messages Total Outbound Messages Total
MtaReceivedVolume Inbound Bytes Total Inbound Bytes Total
MtaStoredVolume Total Bytes Queued Work Queue Bytes
MtaTransmittedVolume Outbound Bytes Total Outbound Bytes Total
MtaReceivedRecipients Total Recipients Inbound Total Recipients Inbound
mtaStoredRecipients Total Recipients Queued Total Recipients Queued
mtaTransmittedRecipients Total Recipients Outbound Total Recipients Outbound
mtaSuccessfulConvertedMessages Total Successful Conversions Total Successful Conversions
mtaFailedConvertedMessages Total Failed Conversions Total Failed Conversions
mtaLoopsDetected Total Loops Detected Total Loops Detected

Each MTA connection is categorized as a group. The performance monitor MSExchangeMTA Connections provides counters for each live MTA queue. The following table lists the MIB group objects and their related MTA Connections counters.

MIB object MSExchangeMTA Connections counter
mtaGroupReceivedMessages Inbound Message Total
mtaGroupRejectedMessages Inbound Rejected Total
mtaGroupStoredMessages Queue Length
mtaGroupTransmittedMessages Outbound Messages Total
mtaGroupReceivedVolume Inbound Bytes Total
mtaGroupStoredVolume Queued Bytes
mtaGroupTransmittedVolume Outbound Bytes Total
mtaGroupReceivedRecipients Total Recipients Inbound
mtaGroupStoredRecipients Total Recipients Queued
mtaGroupTransmittedRecipients Total Recipients Outbound
mtaGroupOldestMessageStored Oldest Message Queued (seconds)
mtaGroupInboundAssociations Current Inbound Associations
mtaGroupOutboundAssociations Current Outbound Associations
Cumulative Inbound Associations
Cumulative Outbound Associations
mtaGroupLastInboundActivity Last Inbound Association (seconds)
mtaGroupLastOutboundActivity Last Outbound Association (seconds)
Rejected Inbound Association
Failed Outbound Associations
mtaGroupInboundRejectionReason Inbound Rejection Reason
Outbound Connect Failure Reason
mtaGroupScheduledRetry Next Association Retry (seconds)