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Directory Export and Import

You can use the Directory Export or Directory Import command on the Tools menu of the Administrator program to make global changes to directory objects, such as mailboxes, custom recipients, and distribution lists. For example, if you need to change the telephone prefix for all mailboxes, you can export the mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server to a comma-separated value (.csv) text file and edit the data in the file using a spreadsheet application. You can then import the data in the file to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Export and import files are in .csv format, which can be read by database programs such as Microsoft Access or spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. The first line of every import or export file contains a header followed by lines of data to be imported or exported. The header organizes the columns of information contained in the file when viewed in a spreadsheet application. By default, fields are separated by commas, and each line ends with a carriage return and line feed. There is no limit to the number of data lines in an import or export file.

For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Server Migration and the Microsoft Exchange Server Programmer's Reference.