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Two-Step Migration

Follow this procedure to use the Migration Wizard to migrate data from a Novell GroupWise post office in two steps.

   To migrate data in two steps

  1. From the Start menu, choose Programs, choose Microsoft Exchange, and then choose Microsoft Exchange Migration Wizard.
  2. Select Migrate from Novell GroupWise, and then choose Next.
  3. Read the informational screen, and then choose Next.
  4. In the Path to Novell GroupWise Post Office box, type the path to the post office, or choose Browse and select the path from the list that appears.
  5. In the User ID box, type the user ID for the post office you are migrating. This name is the account name of the user performing the migration.
  6. Depending on the level of Novell GroupWise security, an optional Password box may also appear that prompts you for the Novell GroupWise password. If applicable, type the password before choosing Next.

  7. Select where the Migration Wizard should look for GroupWise users to migrate.
  8. Option Description
    GroupWise Address Book Displays the GroupWise Address Book so that you can select individual users you want to migrate.
    User Group Type the name of a GroupWise public or private group that contains users you want to migrate. The group you choose must be accessible to the GroupWise account performing the migration.

  9. Select the user accounts you are migrating, and then choose Next.
  10. Select Extract Migration Files only.
  11. In the Pathname for Migration Files box, type the destination path for the migration files, or choose Browse and select the path from the list that appears.
  12. Select whether to migrate data to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer or to personal folder (.pst) files, and then choose Next.
  13. Select import options.
  14. Option Description
    Information to create mailboxes Migrates the user's mailbox data. This information is used to create a mailbox for each migrated user in Microsoft Exchange Server. Clearing this check box imports messages to existing mailboxes or converts existing custom recipients to mailboxes.
    Mail Migrates all e-mail messages.
    Phone Messages Migrates all phone messages.
    All Migrates all e-mail data.
    Dated Migrates all e-mail messages dated in the range specified.
    Appointments Migrates all appointments.
    Notes Migrates all notes.
    Tasks Migrates all tasks.
    All Migrates all calendar data.
    Dated Migrates all items dated in the range specified.
  15. Choose Next to begin the migration process.

You can then edit the migration files. For more information about migration file format and editing the primary files, see Chapter 2, "Using the Migration Wizard" and Appendix B, "Creating a Source Extractor." You can import the edited migration files by following the procedures in Chapter 2.