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Post-Migration Tasks

After a mailbox is migrated, the user needs to perform a few tasks.

Pending Deferred Mail   Pending deferred mail is migrated to the user's Microsoft Outlook Inbox folder. Because the Microsoft Outlook does not have an equivalent feature, the users need to send the mail.

Personal Distribution Lists    Personal distribution lists are migrated as a mail message in the user's Distribution Lists folder. Each message has a subject that matches the name of the personal distribution list, and a body that contains all the members' names. Users may need to update the addresses as they are entered to the personal address book.

Shared Folders   Users need to "re-share" their shared folders on the Microsoft Exchange Server by dragging the folders to the appropriate location in the public folder hierarchy. As the administrator, you should have a plan for public folders and permissions in place. You also need to let users know where they can move the folders after migration. An informational message is migrated that lists all access permissions for shared folders so that they can reestablish similar sharing afterward.

Personal Folders   All drawers become personal folders. All folders in drawers are created as subfolders of the migrated drawer folders. For example, folder REVIEWS in drawer PERSONAL is migrated as folder REVIEWS in the folder PERSONAL.