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Extracting Information from Digital ALL-IN-1

This section describes how to install the Digital ALL-IN-1 Source Extractor on a Digital ALL-IN-1 system.


You need the following software and hardware:

Note that the tools can be used to migrate most customized Digital ALL-IN-1 systems unless standard Digital ALL-IN-1 functions have been altered.

Installing the Extractor

The source extractor is made up of ALL-IN-1 script files and forms. They can be found on the Microsoft Exchange Server CD in the \MIGRATE\TOOLS\HOST\ALL-IN-1 directory. The following procedure explains how to install the extractor:

  1. Create a Digital ALL-IN-1 account called EX_MIGRATE with a very high or no disk quota.
  2. Using SYS$SYSTEM:AUTHORIZE.EXE, give this account READALL and SYSPRIV privileges (both Authorized and Default) in addition to typical user privileges.
  3. In the ALL-IN-1 profile for EX_MIGRATE:
  4. Copy all files from the Microsoft Exchange Server Migration Tools directory into the ALL-IN-1 directory of the EX_MIGRATE account (typically [EX_MIGRATE.A1] or [EX_MIGRATE.OA]). You can use any file transfer program to copy the files, as long as they are copied in text mode.
  5. From the EX_MIGRATE ALL-IN-1 directory (at the $ prompt), type:
  6. @EX_INST
    This command builds the EXFORMS forms library and renames files.
  7. If there were errors, correct the condition suggested by the error message and retype the @EX_INST command.