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Converting Information for Migration

The source extractor has special ways of migrating nickname lists, some personal data, and WPS-PLUS, DX, or Mass-11 documents.

Nickname Lists

The source extractor copies the nickname files for each account to a message, which is migrated into the users' Microsoft Exchange Server Inbox folder. The user can therefore create personal address book entries for each of the nicknames.

Personal Data

To-do lists, reminders, and calendar access information aren't migrated. Before migrating mailboxes, have users print this information to a text document that is being migrated. After migration, they can re-enter these items into Schedule Plus.

Dictionaries are not migrated. Depending on the word processor used in your installation of Digital ALL-IN-1, it might be possible to print the personal dictionary file to a file, and migrate it as a text attachment or message. In Microsoft Exchange Server, users can forward it to themselves with the spell checker turned on. Every word that is misspelled can be added to the new personal dictionary file.

Auto-Reply and Auto-Forward settings are not migrated. The user must create new rules, using the features of Microsoft Exchange Server.

WPS-PLUS, DX and Mass-11 Documents

Digital ALL-IN-1 supports non-ASCII mail messages, but Microsoft Exchange Server does not. In addition, WPS-PLUS and Mass-11 documents typically are not supported on personal computers. The source extractor converts these documents and mail messages as it migrates them.

The source extractor converts:

The next section explains alternatives to the default translation action.

Document Conversion

You can use third-party converters for Digital ALL-IN-1 and personal computer viewers to avoid the loss of document attributes that result from ASCII conversions. Your options include:

On Digital ALL-IN-1, you can use tools such as Digital's Compound Document Architecture Converter Library or Keypack from FTP Software, Inc. for document conversion. On the personal computer, you can use several viewers and converters.

If a document is of a type known to ALL-IN-1, it keeps the original file extension and indicates the format with the attribute data. However, if the document is of unknown type, the document is given the file extension of "FGN" and is tagged as "FOREIGN" in its attributes. The source extractor does not convert any attachments other than on WPS-PLUS, Mass-11 and DX files. Attachments with an extension of FGN that are migrated to Microsoft Exchange Server will appear as plain documents, until the user associates the FGN extension with an application.