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Migrating Public Mailing Lists to Distribution Lists

If you plan directory synchronization correctly, you can take advantage of the Migration Wizard feature that replaces custom recipients with mailboxes. One of the advantages of this is that Microsoft Exchange Server distribution lists in that site are automatically updated. If you want to minimize the maintenance work on keeping distribution lists accurate in a multiphased migration, you should migrate public mailing lists to distribution lists as soon the two systems are connected and have exchanged directories.

   To migrate public mailing lists

  1. Export the public mailing lists with the EXPORT.EXE utility.
  2. Export a list of recipients in Microsoft Exchange Server.
  3. Replace the names in the public mailing lists with the appropriate directory names of the recipients.
  4. Convert the format of the public mailing list file to the directory import format.
  5. For more information, see Chapter 3.
  6. Import the modified file.