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Migrating from Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks

To migrate users from Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks or Quarterdeck Mail to Microsoft Exchange Server, use the MS Mail (AppleTalk) source extractor. The source extractor copies information from MS Mail (AppleTalk) version 3.0 or later to migration files. You then import these migration files to Microsoft Exchange Server by using the Migration Wizard.

The MS Mail (AppleTalk) source extractor copies the following information to migration files: account information, messages, message attachments, personal address books (PABs), and calendar appointments and notes.

The source extractor cannot migrate gateway recipients. It also cannot migrate groups to distribution lists, though it can provide group membership information, which can be used to migrate groups.

To perform the migration, you will need to:

If you are performing a multiphase migration, you will also need to: