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Private Folders

Private folders created by the MS-DOS and Macintosh clients can be stored either on the postoffice or moved to local storage by the client. If they are moved to another location by the client, they must be moved back to the postoffice to be migrated. This can be done only from the client computers, not from the Administrator program.

Note   If the private folders are not moved to the postoffice before migration, the data in them is difficult to migrate.

Before migrating mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Server, you can use the Microsoft Mail Administrator program to determine if any of the users have moved their private folders to local storage. To view the location of private folders, choose Local Admin-Folders-Status. Advise the users to move the folders back to the server by selecting the appropriate command. In the MS-DOS client, choose Options-Folders-Private Storage-Server. In the Macintosh client, select Private Folders in the Microsoft Mail window, choose Get Info from the File menu, and set the location to server.

The main problem with moving private folders from local storage to the postoffice is that the private folders may require more space than your postoffice's share or volume has available, and the user could run up against an owned space limitation on a Novell® NetWare® server when space limitations are used. You can reduce this by requesting users to delete mail and attachments in folders that are no longer available and using the FOLDCOMP.EXE utility to remove unused space from the private folders and reduce the file size.

Macintosh users can compress their folders by selecting them in the Private Folders window, choosing Get Info from the File menu, and selecting the Compress button in the Info dialog box. Or, after they move their folders back to the postoffice, you can recover unused space by compacting private folders with the Microsoft Mail Administrator program or with FOLDCOMP.